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We are proud to introduce an extremely affordable program that motivates players to consistently get out and work on their dribbling with us. Through the Dribbling Club, players will have the opportunity to attend quick and intense workouts designed to advance ball-handling skills.

With up to 19 workouts per week, players can attend when and as often as they choose.

The majority of youth and high school basketball players do not take the time to enhance their ball-handling skills. With an emphasis on games, tournaments, and scrimmages, few truly focus on what might be the most important skill in basketball, dribbling.  Players know they need to dribble better, but seldom do they have the initiative or even the know-how to get out and work on ball-handling on a consistent basis.  The Dribble Club has given our players an opportunity to focus on dribbling and we have seen tremendous improvement!

Program Details

  • At the cost of $40/month, less than the cost of ONE typical training session

    • Multiple workouts per day, over 60/month, players attend when and as often as they choose.

    • Workouts vary in difficulty as well as in structure.

    • Multiple coaches/trainers creating different challenges and a variety of drills

    • College and High School players assisting with assorted workouts  

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