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NorCal Elite was created when two of the top AAU programs in the state of California, Flight Elite and Prime, merged into one. Operating out of the Ultimate Fieldhouse, our teams have access to a state of the art facility which complements the attention to detail and quality of the program. 

NorCal Elite is committed to developing a foundation of fundamentals as well as advanced offensive skills, while competing at the higher levels of tournament basketball.  While the program is reputable throughout the state for the competitiveness of our teams, our measure of success is our players being prepared to play at the highest level in high school and for some, beyond. Most importantly, our players learn to play extremely hard (the most important skill in basketball), and to be a great teammate!



Offensively, we encourage our players to learn every position on the court. Our teams run a position-less offensive system, encouraging every player to attack and read the defense without set plays. Emphasis is placed on 1v1 play and ball handling skills, making the right decision while playing aggressively on the offensive end


NorCal Elite teams specialize in man-to-man defense. While playing zone at the younger grades would make a team more competitive with a better chance to win, we want our players as prepared as possible for the higher levels of basketball. This said, a foundation of strong man-to-man defensive fundamentals is VERY important to our staff.  With many of our coaches being high current/former high school coaches, we are aware of how overlooked defense is at the youth level and try to make it a strength each of our players have going into high school.


Skill Development has always been the heart and soul of our programs.  We spend a great majority of our practices developing skills on both end of the court. Time in each practice is spent on individual offensive skills, including ball-handling, finishing, and 1v1 play. As with every other aspect of the program, we aren't spending the bulk of our time trying to prepare for games, we are utilizing our time to develop players.

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